Therapy Services

As a result of illness or injury, regardless of your age or overall health, you may need extra assistance to get back to your normal activities, improve your ability to function, and to avoid re-injury. We offer a wide of outpatient therapy services that are designed to help.

Therapy Services

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Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy Available at Jordan Valley - West Campus

Physical Therapy

If you’ve been injured in an accident, broken a bone or sustained a head injury –  or if you suffer from low-back pain, arthritis, heart disease or other debilitating conditions – our physical therapists can work with you to restore impaired functions, improve your mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Upon referral from your doctor, our experienced therapists can develop an individualized program of care tailored to your needs and abilities.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps people learn or regain both physical and cognitive abilities to carry out activities of daily living, such as eating and dressing. These services can be especially valuable to persons recovering from a stroke or brain injury as well as those suffering from disorders like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease and those recovering from serious injuries. Our therapists work one-on-one with each patient to help them maximize their skills and abilities. Often, these services can spell the difference that enables patients to live independently at home.

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists work with a wide variety of patients to help them speak and communicate clearly. Speech therapy can be especially helpful for patients whose abilities are impaired because of a stroke or head injury; who suffer from speech impediments (such as stuttering); or who have suffered a hearing loss or have a mental disability or a condition such as cerebral palsy.

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy offers specialized rehabilitation for people with problems affecting the hand, wrist and elbow. Our certified hand therapists understand the complexities of the hand and arm and work with you to design a rehabilitation program suited to your needs and abilities. Our goal is to help you achieve as much function of your hand and arm as possible following injury, disease or surgery.